Paragliding Tandem Flight

  • $185

Our flight pricies are include all additional servicies
(Photos, videos, 360° panoramic photos, mountain entrance fee, insurance)

There are many ways of flying. Tandem Paragliding is a kind of flight that a pilot and a passenger take off and fly together. It is an activity dependent on meteorological conditions. Our flights are done by taking off from Babadağ's departure areas where weather conditions are suitable and take 20-30 minutes. Babadağ, rising 1965 meters above sea level, offers a unique experience with its height and incredible view. You do not need any previous experience for the first flight.

Instructional Flight

If you choose this flight option; While flying, the pilot will give you technical information and show how the parachute is controlled.You can control the parachute under the supervision of your pilot and make your flight experience more fun.

Flight requirements :

  • Minimum age; 4 years
  • Kilo limitleri :
  • Weight limits (Maximum)
    • Male: 105 kg Max
    • Female: 85 kg Max
  • It is necessary wear trainers or running shoes (open shoes like sandals and flip flops are not allowed)
  • It is necessary to dress according to seasonal conditions
  • We recommend that you bring your sunglasses with you
  • You must be at our office 20 minutes before the flight time.