Our Advertising Services Our flights are carried out in Fethiye/Öludeniz, which is the most famous touristic paragliding centre of the world. It hosts approximately 4 million visitors every year and approximately 170 thousand touristic flights are performed on high season. Flights from Babadağ, which is 1965 meters high, take 10-25 minutes. Each flight is completed above Ölüdeniz Beach, where thousands of tourists spend time and can be seen clearly from the ground. Landing phase occurs by descending next to the Ölüdeniz coastal walkway. Thanks to the flights that repeat three or four times a day, and thousands of people watching our live broadcasts and social media posts; all of our paragliding, hanggliding, speedflying and skydiving equipments and the clothing accessories of our pilots, which we use during commercial flights and show flights, turn into advertising opportunities with a very high PR value. You can review our advertising packages and contact us if you want us to take your company's logo and other advertisement content to the sky