Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hayko Cepkin usually in the office? Can we fly with him?

Hayko stops by sometimes according to his concert schedule. So, it all depends on your luck. Unfortunately, you cannot fly with him. Hayko does not perform commercial flights

How long do the flights last? For how long will we be in the air?

The entire activity takes 1.5 – 2 hours. The flights last 20 – 30 minutes

Would the flight duration change if another take-off site is used?

No. Take-off sites are close to each other, and the transportation is easy

What is the best time of the day to fly?

There is no best time. They are all perfect. The only thing to remember is to not wait until your holiday’s last day to fly

How do we obtain the photos and the videos?

We save them to your phone after we have landed

What is the means of transportation to Babadağ? How long does it take?

Via shuttle or cable-car. It takes 25 – 30 minutes

Where do we land?

Ölüdeniz beach

Can we carry a flag, pennant or written note while flying?

It is possible if the item is small

What is the appropriate clothing for flying?

Suitable clothes depending on the season, appropriate shoes (boots, sneakers, sandals) and sunglasses